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11:00 am - 6:00 pm

* Jun 8th & 22nd *

Walk-in or call for pre-paid appointment time

45-minute reading

~ learn Tarot with Shelby Wardlaw ~

* June 15th *


$75 pre-paid (space is limited)
Click HERE for more info


Shelby Wardlaw is a professor, writer, and tarot reader. She believes that spiritual growth is the purpose of life. Tarot can help us achieve growth by guiding us through life’s obstacles, revealing the hidden opportunities within challenges. In her readings, you can expect a thoughtful and thorough examination of the cards’ spiritual messages, as well as some suggestions for how to act on the card’s advice, including rituals, crystals and various other healing modalities. Shelby often draws on her knowledge of classical myth, mysticism, symbology and witchcraft to enhance her readings. She specializes in practical and accessible advice, helping her clients craft a path forward.

Tarot 101

with Shelby Wardlaw
Saturday, June 15th

$75 pre-paid
Class size: 6 students per class

Tarot 101 "Beginning Tarot" 11am - 1pm / 2pm - 4pm

Tarot 102 "Discovering the Major Arcana" * next class TBD *

Call or email to register

Time: 2 hours (with a five minute break)



Please Bring: 

A Journal or notebook

A writing utensil

A deck of tarot cards OR you can purchase a deck at Starhawk Design Studio at a 10% discount *


TAROT 101 "Beginning Tarot"

Introductions - 5-10 minutes

Tarot history and definitions – 10 minutes

Calling in the elements and grounding ceremony – 10 minutes

Consecrating the cards – 10 minutes

The Elements Mini-lesson – 10 minutes

Numerology Mini-lesson – 10 minutes


Practice with a different partner; a simple one card draw – 10-15 minutes

The Major Arcana using a grid – pass out worksheet with definitions – 15 minutes

Crafting a Question: Do’s and Don’t’s – 5-10 minutes

Practice a simple 3 card spread with a partner: past, present, future – 20 minutes

Tarot ethics and practices – 10 minutes

Ending prayer, thanking the elements, releasing – 5 minutes



Major Arcana worksheet

Copy of our consecration and grounding ritual

Worksheet with Elements and Numerology

Suggested reading/listening for more information about Tarot

TAROT 102 "Discovering the Major Arcana"

In this course, we will take a deep dive into the meanings and symbols behind the Major Arcana cards, which are known as the "Great Secrets" of the tarot. Using the Rider-Waite-Coleman-Smith deck as our guide, we will discuss astrological associations, Jungian archetypes, mythopoesis (from Nordic and Greek mythology) and the Qabbalistic, Christian and Egyptian influences on the Major Arcana. Students will leave with a packet of information, sources, and prayers for learning and consecration. Join us!

* 10% in-store class day discount on Tarot books and decks for class attendees *

Tarot 102
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