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Welcome to Starhawk Design Studio

Starhawk Design Studio is a New Age store located in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.


We welcome all to come to enjoy our peaceful, good vibes.


Our offerings include:


  • Healing crystals and stones - tumbled, points, clusters, spheres, towers and raw specimens

  • Books on spiritual growth, crystals, self-help, tarot, health, well-being, parenting and children’s books

  • Singing bowls – Tibetan, metal and Crystal Tones™ quartz crystal and alchemy singing bowls

  • Candles, incense, burners, Himalayan salt lamps and a full range of materials and tools for smudging (sage, palo santo, sweetgrass, copal, myrrh, etc.)

  • Tie-dye designs and clothing of all varieties for all ages, infants to adults – all items hand-dyed by Thom - there are always plenty in the store and we gladly handle custom orders

  • Essential oils for home and body – sprays, diffusers, soaps, bath salts and skin care oils

  • Fair-trade clothing, accessories, rings, necklaces, earrings and other jewelry

  • Bach Flower Remedies™

  • Yoga and meditation tools – mats, cushions, blocks, straps, bags

  • Home décor – lamps, chimes, tapestries, statuettes, dream catchers, fountains

  • Greeting cards and journals

  • Tarot cards, oracle cards, guidance decks, pendulums and other divination tools

  • In-store special events: Sound Vibration Healing gong sound baths, tarot readings, herbal consultations and talks on spiritual practice, etc.

ABOUT THOM ARCURI, PROPRIETOR – with 42 years of experience in the textile industry, I now enjoy creating custom tie-dye works and being a part of so many people’s life path to achieving their spiritual goals.


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